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The National Dry Riser Testing Company have decide to publish a dry riser questions and answer page to some of the most frequently asked questions on dry risers and dry riser testing.

The NEW National Dry Riser Testing  Company works van.

Does a dry riser need to be tested every year?

Yes, dry risers need to pass a pressure test each and every year to comply with British Standard BS 9990:2015 on the provision of fire mains and fire protection systems. More information can be found at dry riser compliance.

Without a valid dry riser test certificate is my insurance invalid?

Yes, in most situations buildings insurance will be invalid without a valid dry riser test certificate.

We have just taken over management of a block of flats how do I know if the dry risers have been tested?

You should be able to find a valid test certificate stating that your dry risers has been fully tested, is completely safe and fully functioning. If you cannot find a valid dry riser test certificate I would suggest your dry risers will need testing as soon as possible.

How long is a dry riser test certificate valid?

All dry riser annual test certificates are valid for 1 year.  We do a advise a 6 monthly visual inspection to test the dry riser system for vandalism or faulty parts.

How long does it take to test a dry riser?

Depending on access to the dry riser inlet a full pressure test of a dry riser can take anything from 1 hour to 2 hours to perform.

Do you need to access the water mains to test the dry riser?

No, we carry the water we use for testing on our specialist dry riser testing van.  After each dry riser test we pump the water back into the van to re-use for another test.

After we pay for the dry riser test are there any other costs involved in testing the dry riser?

No as part of our exceptional service we replace for FREE all small parts including seals, caps, chains, gate wheels, signage and glass if they are missing or damaged.

Do you offer re-test if our dry risers fails its annual pressure test?

We offer a FREE re-test on all dry risers that we complete any works on. In the event that your dry risers needs maintenance work or new parts we will provide you with quote for the work and after completing the work will perform another full annual pressure dry riser test at no extra cost.

We are a fire protection service company can you carry out our dry riser maintenance work for us?

Yes we do work with other fire protection companies and carry out dry riser maintenance and pressure tests as part of your complete fire protection servicing contracts, please contact us for more information.

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