Dry Riser Installation at New Build Site for Holton Homes2014-05-01T16:42:21+00:00

The National Dry Riser Testing Company completed the installation of a dry riser system for a new development of flats near the town centre of Bournemouth for Holton Homes.

Wellington Road

Holton Homes are an independently run local property development company that specialise in properties for first time buyers. After a visit from the building inspectors they called the National Dry Riser Company needing a dry riser system installed at short notice.

Wellington Road Dry Riser Inlet

Closed dry riser inlet box

Wellington Road Dry Riser Inlet open

Open dry riser inlet box

This development of 2 bedroom flats on Wellington Road in Bournemouth required a dry riser system to pass the building regulations in regards to fire safety standards.

Dry risers are a building regulations requirement in occupied buildings over 18M tall but can also be found in car parks, multilevel basements or hospital corridors where the fire service access could be limited.

Wellington Road Dry Riser Outlet Top

Dry riser outlet on the top floor of the development.

Our fully trained professional site engineers took less than a day to complete the dry riser installation however custom made brackets were added at a later date to provide extra support to the dry riser vertical pipes and outlets.

Wellington Road Dry Riser Outlet 1st Floor

Dry riser outlet on the first floor

Once the dry riser installation was completed a dry riser hydraulic pressure test using a fire service approved hose and pump for a minimum of 15 minutes was carried out to the British Standard BS990:2006.

Wellington Road Dry Riser Bracket

Custom made brackets were fitted to support the dry riser vertical pipes.

To save with the installation costs the vertical pipe was left exposed.

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