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As part of our dry riser testing service the National Dry Riser Testing Company supplies all of of the equipment that makes up a dry riser  system as spares.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company dry riser spare parts range meet the requirements of BS5041 Part 1 to 5 inclusive.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company dry riser equipment range includes;

  • Dry Riser Inlet Box
  • Dry Riser Landing Valves
  • Dry Riser Inlet Breeching
  • Dry Riser Underground Riser
  • Dry Riser Dividend Breeching
  • Dry Riser Couplings
  • Dry Riser Gate Valves
  • Dry Riser Hydrant Valves
  • Dry Riser Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Dry Riser Air Release Valves
  • Dry Riser Cabinets

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