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The National Dry Riser Testing Company were commissioned to carry out the annual dry riser testing at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole, Dorset.

Sandbanks is a tiny little sand dune on the Dorset coast at the entrance to Poole Harbour the largest natural harbour in Europe.  Sandbanks has been quoted as the fourth most expensive place to live in the world where some of the properties can go for millions. The peninsula of half a square mile of golden sand, near Bournemouth in Poole, is home to 15 properties worth a staggering £80million.

The Sandbanks Hotel is relaxed and affordable, with attractions to suit every need. On one side of the hotel, there is direct access to Sandbanks’ Blue Flag beach with safe swimming in the sea and seven miles of golden sands with views of Old Harry Rocks, Poole and Bournemouth Bay round to Hengistbury Head and across to the Isle of Wight. On the other side there are views of Brownsea Island and the Purbecks across the natural bay of Poole Harbour.

The dry riser system at the Sandbanks Hotel had not been tested for a while so our engineers carried out a full inspection of the system including the required hydraulic pressure test to 10 bar (150psi),using a fire service approved hose and pump for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Each of the three dry riser outlets were tested including the valves and seals. At no extra cost new seals were added to all of the outlets as the old seals had become worn over the years.

Dry Riser Outlet Dry Riser Outlet

Once the dry riser testing equipment was safety and securely fitted our fire service approved pumps were switched on to carry out the full wet systems test.

Testing the Dry Riser

During the hydraulic pressure test the dry riser inlet and all outlets are checked for leaks and to make sure the dry riser system can hold the pressure for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Testing the Dry Riser Inlet

The dry riser at the Sandbanks Hotel had passed its annual inspection and hydraulic pressure test and was issued with a test certificate stating that the dry riser system has been tested and is completely safe and fully functioning according to British Standards BS 9990:2015.

All of the water that was used to complete the dry riser test is recycled. The water was initially pumped from our van through the dry riser system and then back into our van for another dry riser system test.  This saves a substantial amount of precious water throughout the year.

The dry riser inlet had no sticker, so we added a new one FREE of charge as part of our service.

Dry Riser Inlet no sticker Dry Riser Inlet without sticker

Dry Riser Inlet with sticker Dry Riser Inlet with sticker

With all of our annual dry riser testing the National Dry Riser testing Company will replace for FREE all small parts including seals, caps, chains, gate wheels, signage and glass if they are damaged or missing. We also offer a FREE re-test if your dry riser fails.

As well as our dry riser testing service the National Dry Riser Testing Company has also been commissioned to install a dry riser in a new property development in Bournemouth.  We offer a FREE annual test with every dry riser installation.

Contact us today for FREE advice on the British Standard BS 9990:2015 or any questions relating to dry riser testing, installation, servicing or spares.

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