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As well as dry riser testing The National Dry Riser Testing Company also offers comprehensive dry riser maintenance services.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company professional engineers have been trained to I.F.E.D.A. standards and carry out dry riser maintenance services on a regular basis. With years of dry riser maintenance completed we always have the necessary tools and experience to get the job done.

Our dry riser maintenance services include dry riser inspections and pressure testing to protect dry risers against corrosion, neglect and vulnerability to vandalism.

Over the past year we have responded to an increased number of thefts of dry riser inlets for scrap metal. As dry riser inlets are generally on public view it is recommended that they are housed in a locked cabinet or box.  For peace of mind the National Dry Riser Testing Company can fit and supply dry riser inlet cabinets or boxes.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company works for managing agents and buildings owners who are advised by British Standards in accordance with BS5306 and BS9990 that dry riser systems should be serviced once every six months. They also advise that the dry riser annual test should be with a hydraulic pressure test using a fire service approved hose and pump for a minimum of 15 minutes once every 12 months.

We offer annual dry riser testing and maintenance in Bristol, Southampton, Plymouth, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Reading and all over the UK.

Dry Riser Outlet Valves Dry Riser Outlet Valve

Dry Riser Inlet logoThe National Dry Riser Testing Company annual dry riser maintenance service includes;

  • Comprehensive check of the general condition of dry riser system.
  • FREE re-test if your dry riser system test fails.
  • Full comprehensive pressurised operating test of the dry riser system.
  • Checking of all nuts, end wheels and springs to confirm they are intact and operating properly.
  • Checking all inlet and outlet washers and seals.
  • Replacement of all missing caps and chains.
  • Replacement of all straps and locks where applicable.
  • Checking that the inlet and outlet cabinet doors and glass fronts are intact.
  • Ensure correct signage is in place.

As well as a FREE re-test if your dry riser fails, we will replace for FREE all small parts including seals, caps, chains, gate wheels, signage and glass if they are missing or damaged.

Contact us today a quote or for FREE advice on dry riser maintenance services or any questions relating to dry riser testing, installation or spares.

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