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A question we often get asked at the National Dry Riser Testing Company is how many dry risers do we have in the building and how many of the dry risers need testing.

The answer might not be as straight forward as you might think.

Wellington Road Dry Riser InletFirstly and most importantly it is imperative that all dry risers systems in a building are fully tested every 12 months and visually inspected every 6 months to comply with British Standards. The annual dry riser test should be a wet test with hydraulic pressure to 12 bar (175psi),using a fire service approved hose and pump for a minimum of 15 minutes . Failing to do this could mean that any building insurance is invalid and more importantly could result in loss of life if a fire were to breakout and the dry riser systems fail.

The National Dry Riser Testing Company are here to help if you have any questions or need any more information about dry risers or complying with the dry riser British Standard BS 9990:2015 please feel free to get in touch.

How many dry riser systems are there in my building?

A dry riser system comprises of the entire vertical installation of all pipe work including the dry riser inlet normally located on ground level and the dry riser outlets normally located on each floor of the property.

Image: Dry Riser Inlet normally located on the ground floor or basement of a building

All building differ in their design so there is no standard amount of dry risers per number of flats or number of floors.

A small block of flats with three floors and around six to eight flats would typically be serviced by one dry riser system. Larger buildings with six to eight floors and ten to twenty flats could have anything two to four dry risers per building.

A common mistake that is made is the counting of each dry riser outlet, in a building with eight floors and an dry riser outlet on each floor there would be eight dry riser outlet on each dry riser system.

Wellington Road Dry Riser Outlet Top Dry Riser Outlet

Image: Dry Riser Outlets normally located on all floors of a building except the ground floor

The National Dry Riser Testing Company’s annual dry riser test includes a comprehensive check of the general condition of the dry riser including a FREE re-test if we find any problems. After a dry riser test we provide a test certificate stating that the dry riser system has been tested, is completely safe and fully functioning.

As well as a FREE re-test if your dry riser fails, we will replace for FREE all small parts including seals, caps, chains, gate wheels, signage and glass if they are missing or damaged.

All of engineers are fully qualified, experienced and have been trained to I.F.E.D.A. standards.

We are here to help so please contact us for more information on 01202 980 160.

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